The terrible outbreak of COVID-19 underscores why it’s important that every hardworking Floridian has the security of health care coverage. 

Medicaid expansion would provide coverage to those Floridians earning between 30% and 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, regardless of if they have children. These are people working in the industries hit the hardest and often have had the most exposure (ex: hospitality, retail, construction, caregivers).


Join us for week of virtual events highlighting the opportunity of Medicaid expansion. We're calling on all Floridians to contact their legislators and urge them to close the coverage gap for 400,000 uninsured residents.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, May 3 @ 3pm – Sick in Paradise: Stories from Florida’s Coverage Gap Pt.1

This virtual event will feature Floridians telling their own stories about living uninsured in Florida. The broadcast will also feature providers sharing their experiences on the front line of our health care system. This is part 1 of a 2-part event. Available on Facebook Watch & YouTube.


Tuesday, May 5 @ 3pm – Florida’s Medicaid Expansion & COVID-19

Two reports released in the last week from Families USA (Florida Must Expand Medicaid Now to Protect Its Workers) and the Florida Policy Institute (Uninsured During the COVID-19 Pandemic) shared findings showing why Medicaid expansion is more important than ever in Florida. Joe Weissfeld from Families USA and Anne Swerlick from the Florida Policy Institute will participate in this virtual event to explain what they found and what it means for our state. Available on Facebook Watch & YouTube.


Thursday, May 7 @ 8pm – Medicaid Expansion 101: How it Works and Who Pays

Join for this back to basics presentation about Medicaid expansion. You will learn how it works, how its paid for, and who it benefits. Available on Facebook Watch & YouTube.


Friday, May 8 @ 3pm - Sick in Paradise: Stories from Florida’s Coverage Gap Pt. 2

With 400,000 people in the coverage gap (before COVID-19) and over 1 million Floridians who could benefit from a full Medicaid expansion, there is no shortage of stories to share. Part 2 of this virtual event will feature even more Floridians sharing their experiences with health care in our state. Available on Facebook Watch & YouTube.

#MEDEX4FL Week of Action (May 3-9, 2020)

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